‘Clash of Clans’의 개발사인 Supercell의 철학

제가 요즘 유일하게 하고 있는 게임이 있는데, 그 게임은 <Clash of Clans>라는 게임입니다. 그 게임을 만든 Supercell이라는 기업에 대해 알고 싶어서, 그 회사의 CEO 인터뷰를 위주로 아래에 정리해 보았습니다.

“If we want to create the best products, we need the best people. That was actually how the whole thing started, and where the name Supercell comes from. We’re creating these small but ultra-dynamic teams of developers who work relatively independently. And despite the small size of the group, we have big dreams — hence Supercell.”

“We don’t hire people and say ‘Okay, your job is to code this part of the game’, ‘you are responsible for these art assets’, etcetera,” he adds. “We don’t have dedicated game designers as such — it’s the team that is going to build the game, and they are all responsible for the end-user experience.”

“I think this industry took some missteps during the crazy days of Facebook. So all of sudden social started to mean, ‘Okay, how many invites per day on average does one user send?’ And of course, that was dead wrong. If you were to ask any of these traditional MMO guys, especially from Korea, they say that social does not equal spamming your friends. It’s enabling people to create social ties in your game, and make sure these new friendships emerge, and that actually becomes the glue that ties these gamers together.”

출처: Gamasutra – Features – Supercell’s Secret Sauce

The main goal with Clash of Clans has always been playability over everything else.

Our camera angle is a lot higher than in similar games to make building and editing of your village as easy as possible.

출처: Chart rush: Making of Clash of Clans | feature | Clash of Clans | PocketGamer.biz

“When you set up a company, the only thing — the only thing — you should care about is getting the best people,” he said. “From that, good things will happen.”

출처: Why Culture Matters: Supercell’s Calculated Path To The Top Of The App Store | TechCrunch

The idea for Supercell was to put together the best-possible team of developers. Paananen vets every new hire and is in no rush to expand the headcount. To him, small is beautiful. “It doesn’t make any sense to me that some companies are bragging about how big they are in terms of employee count,” he says. “Our strategy is completely the opposite. We actually want to stay as small as we can.”

출처: Supercell is Accel’s fastest growing company ever. (And it has a ball pit) | PandoDaily

When we succeed, like when Clash of Clans made it to number one in the App Store, we organize a party and open a few beers. But, when we really screw up, such as when we need to cancel a production, we celebrate that with champagne.

출처: Supercell’s mobile millions | Game development | Features by Develop


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